Writing as Thinking

Essay – trial, attempt, endeavor — to test the mettle of

Writing transcends. We can communicate with our future selves. We can communicate with others, and we can do so long after our death. We can meaningfully commune with the dead by reading.

Writing is a method of thinking; sometimes an aid to thinking; and other times as a meditation — its goal to transcend the limits of thought. There are some truths that you can’t articulate but you can act out over time. It is these truths that I find so captivating.

Speak the truth, but then you’ll find you have nothing to speak
Seek the truth, so that eventually you might have something useful to say
Live the truth, so that your life is filled with purpose

We are capable of the greatest good and the greatest evil, and the problem is that we often can’t distinguish between them when it suits our purpose.
~Stanley Kubrick

Writing not only clarifies thinking, it is a formalized process of thinking that can test the mettle of the ideas in question.

Writing is an exercise in thinking. Ideas expressed in writing can be rearranged and refined. The thoughts can become sharp and focused. And importantly, ideas can be refuted and rejected. Weak ideas can be discarded, strong ideas can be sharpened. Ideas can be expanded in writing, expanded far beyond the meager limits of working memory.

If you are unable to write well, you are unable to think as clearly and as powerfully as those who can write.
Ideas change the world.

Competence requires
Determining good ideas from bad ideas.
Writing is the best known method towards this end.
Thinking, by itself, it often insufficient.

Writing is the sword of thinking, it can make you powerful (which is indistinguishable from being dangerous to those already in power)


know your audience, even if it’s you
true, welcome, helpful
beautiful, simple, exciting
clear, concise, consistent

Start with chaos, the raw potential formless thoughts, put them into words, badly
Refine and focus the potential into clear and concise words