Orienting to the Unknown

Has anyone ever told you to get out of your comfort zone? We intuitively grasp the meaning of such advice, but what actually is a comfort zone? And where should you go when outside of said comfort zone? Comfort Zone To be fair, and despite conventional wisdom, a psychological comfort zone is not a bad […]

Writing as Thinking

Writing is a method of thinking. An essay, for example, is a trial of an idea. It literally means “to test the mettle of”. Writing doesn’t always have such a predefined goal. Writing, if done properly, can extend the limits of thought. In all cases, writing is an exercise in thinking. Ideas expressed in writing […]

Truth, Symbolism, and Fractals

we godless anti-metaphysicians still take our fire too, from the flame lit by the thousand-year old faith, the Christian faith which was also Plato’s faith, that God is Truth; that Truth is ‘Divine’ ~ Friedrich Nietzsche What does it mean to say something is true? Truth is one of those words that we can’t quite […]

Writing Advice

There is a lot of advice about writing. From style guides like Strunk and White to the musings of authors like Ray Bradbury or Stephen King. I love this kind of advice, and I’ve read more than I care to admit. I even like journal-writing advice, or philosophical tangents about writing itself. Writing is an […]