Writing Advice

改善 Kaizen

Clear, Concise, and Coherent

Write what you would have wanted to read.
Write to your past self, the one that is aimless yet seeking a path.
Invoke the muse.

Say it out loud, read to your past self in soaring voices befitting the quality of the work, and listen for when it works and when it doesn’t.

Curse of knowledge, Functional fixity
Creatively break down forms and functions till they don’t break down further.

Aware, Align/Sacrifice, Boldness/Act

You can see music, and odors, and taste
You can feel images
There are more than 5 senses

Well formed sentences
No comma-split, comma-fault
Big concepts at the end (to the right)
Concepts flow for the reader

Know tenses

Re: punctuation
Pick a convention and use it, e.g., oxford commas.
… unless breaking the convention is fun, but if you’re going to break convention, be bold and obvious about what you’re doing.

1-word at a time, 1-sentence at a time, don’t sweat the big stuff … trust in powers beyond yourself.

Write freely (and badly) to get everything out, especially in the first draft. Deleting what doesn’t work is strangely pleasing, especially considering the alternative: anxiously worrying about missed ideas.

Put a little order in the chaos.
Put a little chaos in the order.