Vagaries of the Magi

Welcome to Anatta Studios, the home of Vagaries of the Magi, by Timothy James Warnock.

“Discover meaning in life through mythological stories.”

Imagine 250,000 years of human civilizations and conquest of the cosmos Entire civilizations have come and gone lasting hundreds occasionally thousands of years Some evolving Some ending in bloody revolution Most destroyed by the very cosmos they sought to inhabit Yet now, in a future far removed from humanity’s cradle, millions of civilizations, and trillions upon trillions of human descendants inhabit the galaxies that their ancestors once looked upon through telescopes, and dreamed about in a multiverse of possibilities

About these novels

Everywhere I have traveled, every place, every culture, and every moment has inspired this strange and beguiling story. These fantastical novels are grounded in the experience of traveling and living, year after year, in the remote corners of the world. It tells the story of a world most people cannot believe exists, yet it is all around them, all the time.

Release Schedule

Book I: Soma — available now!

Book II: Emergence — available in 2020

Book III: Transcend — available in 2021

Book IV: Peregrine — available in 2022

Who should read

These books are written for all who are searching for light; and all who are seeking meaning within the infinite chaos of existence. To quote a Maori prayer,

“The light, the light, the seeking, the searching, in chaos, in chaos.”

The most fundamental human need is meaning. Meaning orients one in life. Meaning is willful intention, saying yes to life, enduring and even overcoming the suffering of life. These books describe a path towards meaning.